Survey says: Toyota’s loss is GM, Ford and Chrysler’s gain

According to a new advertising industry survey, the recent tarnishing of the Toyota image for quality is good for the American automakers, as their quality reputations have increased in the eyes of consumers.

58.9% of respondents considered Toyota vehicle to be of a higher level of quality than American cars before the recall, but that figure has plummeted to 23.3%. Also, 26% of respondents considered Toyota to be of lower quality than the domestic brands post-recall, while only 6% shared that opinion before the recalls.

The brand still holds the image of being reliable among loyalists for the most part, but damage has been done; there is no question about that. Industry professionals feel however, that Toyota caused more trouble for itself than was necessary through their delayed silence on the topic, and perceived dishonesty with regard to the original “˜floor mat” recall of November.

Toyota has seen a decrease in their client base among those owners who would consider buying another Toyota from 75.6% to 59.6%. Many owners however have expressed that they are open and willing to having their faith restored in Toyota, once the company”s worthiness has been demonstrated. “I want the problem to be fixed quickly and right. And I want to have my faith restored in Toyota again,” said one respondent.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: AdAge