Lawyers says Toyota accelerator defect could have killed 3 in 2006 crash

Toyota’s recent recall of more than 8.1 million vehicles is shedding light on a lot of things – one of them being an old court case about an accident involving a 1996 Toyota Camry.

According to court filings, on June 10, 2006, 29-year-old Koua Fong Lee was traveling eastbound on Interstate 94 going as fast as 90 mph when his car hit an Oldsmobile at a red light. The accident killed the driver of the Oldsmobile along with his 10-year old son. His 7-year old niece was left a quadriplegic and died a year and a half later.

Lee was eventually sentenced in 2008 to eight years in prison after being convicted of criminal vehicular homicide.

Lee’s defense attorney is now trying to get the case reopened, amid news of millions of recalled Toyotas for problems relating to sudden acceleration.

“I don’t know who could disagree with this being a possible cause — because otherwise he’s just a wild kamikaze guy trying to kill somebody,” said attorney Brent Schafer.

Schafer said that the car still exists and is sitting at a police impound lot. He plans on petitioning for the court for an order preserving the car and seeking approval to get it examined.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)