More details on the M version 1-Series, and a new ‘teaser’

Last month, M division boss Kay Segler said that he is all game for an M version of the 1-Series; however, he said that BMW has yet to make a business case for it. Segler said that if BMW does go ahead with an M version of the 1-Series, it wouldn’t be called the M1.

Today, the rumor world has released a new unofficial teaser what is claimed to be an M version of the 1-Series. New details suggest that the M version of the 1-Series will have a more muscular stance than the standard 1-Series with a new trapezoid grille and two intakes to allow air to cool the six piston brakes.

Other modifications to the M version of the 1-Series will include:

– High performance intercooler
– Sportier looking headlights than standard 1-series
– Small lip spoilers above brake duct inlets to provide extra air flow and downforce
– The front wings of the car are massaged slightly to accomodate the wider track. Rear end is also wider.
– Standard 18″³ 5-spoke wheels with optional 18″³ Competition wheels (18″³ will be the optimium wheel size for the M1)
– Signature M side vent
– Broader wheel arches to accomodate larger track
– “Ducktail” CSL style rear trunk (integrated spoiler)
– Rear valance/diffuser area takes its direction from the standard 135i but with open ducts for aerodynamic purpose
– Signature M quad exhaust pipes
– Reinforced carbon fiber roof

– By: Kap Shah

Source: BimmerFile