Question of the Day: What’s your favorite automotive brand tagline?

After going through a recall of 2.3 million vehicles with a pedal problem that causes unintentional acceleration, Toyota may want to reconsider its “Moving Forward” tagline. Of course, if you’re a comedian then that tagline is your dream come true.

Either way, this morning we heard that Chevrolet ditched its “An American Revolution,” tagline, which was one our favorites – so that got us wondering what are some of the best automotive brand taglines out there.

Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section below.

Here are some I know off the top of my head (feel free to add to the list).

Ford – Drive One.
GMC – We Are Professional Grade.
BMW – The Ultimate Driving Machine.
Audi – Vorsprung durch Technik (Truth in Engineering).
Saab – Born from Jets.
Volkswagen – Das Auto (The Car).
Honda – The Power of Dreams.
Toyota – Moving Forward.
Buick – The New Class of World Class.
Lincoln – Reach Higher.
Nissan – SHIFT_ the way you move.
Porsche – There is no substitute.

– By: Omar Rana