Marchionne: 2010 ‘crucial’ year for Chrysler to rebuild consumer confidence

If the last couple of years weren’t crucial enough, Chrysler Group LLC’s new CEO Sergio Marchionne said yesterday that 2010 will be a very significant year to rebuild consumer confidence in the Auburn Hills automaker.

“These things take time, but I think 2010 is the crucial year. We need to do most of that work (of restoring consumer confidence in Chrysler) in 2010,” Marchionne said. “We started last year a piece at a time rebuilding the component elements of the brand equity.”

He said that new product offerings coming to the market in the second, third and fourth quarter will see a rebuilding of that equity in terms of actual sales.

Chrysler sales were down 35.9 percent in 2009, underperforming FoMoCo and General Motors.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)