Acura / Honda NSX gets a second chance at life as an HSV-10 GT for Super GT

Honda HSV-10 GT

About a month ago, we told you that the next-generation Acura / Honda NSX could get a second chance at life as a front-engined race car and could be revived courtesy of a change in the rules of Japan”s Super GT racing series. Well, here it is… at least an image of it with very little details.

Known as the HSV-10 GT, the Super GT racecar is powered by a 3.4L V8 making more than 500-hp mated to a Ricardo sequential gearbox.

Honda engineers didn’t have to spend too much time on the HSV-10 GT since development of the V10 powered supercar and its race version were already well underway when plans were shelved. Both models were scheduled to launch side-by-side in early 2010.

Honda HSV-10 GT:

Honda HSV-10 GT

– By: Kap Shah

Source: Le Blog Auto