Bob King favored as successor to UAW President Ron Gettelfinger

Ron Gettelfinger

UAW officials have unanimously endorsed Bob King as successor to President Ron Gettelfinger. Gettelfinger would be unable to seek reelection at the UAW national convention due to his age and the union policy that restricts those older than 65 from seeking election to office.

King inherits the union, as has been long expected, that has been battered and beaten by the GM and Chrysler bankruptcies, and FoMoCo’s long-term restructuring project that will restore profits in 2011 after five years of shown losses.

Those involved in the process called the meeting in which King was named a ‘formality’ citing that the decision to pick him had been made last week.

Gettelfinger said in a press conference that “Bob King is the absolute best person to lead our union.” King, who said that he would serve one term as president, declined to discuss how he would approach the issues that face the union.

King’s nomination is still subject, of course, to a vote at the UAW’s national convention in June, though he is not expected to face any serious competition.

-By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)