Who said EVs can’t be affordable: Myers Motors 2-seater electric could cost $22,495

Myers Motors NGM Two-Seater

Myers Motors has announced that it is taking orders for its new two-passenger model. Based on the company’s single-seater NmG model, the two-seater model features an advanced lithium-ion battery system that provides drivers with 60-miles on a full charge.

“This range covers over 80% of America”s daily driving habits, says Myers Motors. The company has plans to offer an option to upgrade the range to 100 miles.

“While people love our zippy single-passenger model, we know that sometimes you want to take a friend along for the ride ““ and soon you can.” said Dana Myers, Founder and President of Myers Motors. “Our goal is to make electric vehicles more affordable for average Americans.”

The base pricing of the car starts at $29,995, but if you throw in an estimated tax credit of $2,499.50, prices have the possibility to come down to $22,495.50. Myers anticipates production will begin in the 4th quarter of 2010.

Myers Motors NGM Two-Seater:

Myers Motors NGM Two-Seater Myers Motors NGM Two-Seater Myers Motors NGM Two-Seater Myers Motors NGM Two-Seater

– By: Kap Shah

Source: Myers Motors (via AutoblogGreen)