Report: GM close to picking Saab buyer, Spyker being favored


Reports coming out of Sweden say that General Motors Company is close to deciding which of the current Saab bidders it will proceed to final negotiations with. Sources familiar with the matter say that GM is leaning toward a buyer that “has experience in car production on a small scale and that it plans to run a full-scale car production line including design and development in Sweden,” says Automotive News.

Swedish news agency TT says that the preferred buyer is one of the groups already being mentioned in press and that this points to Spyker being favored over other bidders.

A spokesman for Saab, Eric Geers, declined to comment on the report. “There are signals everywhere showing we are well on track,” Geers said.

Following Koenigsegg’s withdrawal from negotiations to purchase Saab from GM, Spyker confirmed its interest on Dec 2.

– By: Omar Rana