Question of the day: What advice would you give GM’s new CEO?

By now, many of you know that Fritz Henderson resigned his position as CEO of General Motors Company last week on the eve of the 2009 LA Auto Show. Until GM finds a new CEO, GM’s chairman, Edward Whitacre Jr., will serve as the interim CEO. We’re not sure how well Whitacre will do in leading GM, so we’re wondering if you, the consumer, had some advice for him or the upcoming CEO (whoever he/she’s going to be).

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To get things started – I’ll throw in my two cents first: I believe Buick should be rebranded as Opel in the United States. The brand and its logo have unfortunately been stricken with “this is the old people’s car,” theme that even with great vehicles like the Enclave, LaCrosse and the upcoming Regal, is hard to shake off- it will be difficult to appeal to the young crowd and get masses into dealerships.

Just think about it for a second: Opel LaCrosse, Opel Enclave, Opel Regal – sounds much better than Buick LaCrosse, Buick Enclave or Buick Regal.

– By: Omar Rana