GM Chairman Ed Whitacre’s web chat: Lutz is important, Whitacre drives a CTS-V

GM’s Chairman Edward Whitacre held a web chat with the media this morning – his first “press conference” since taking role as the Detroit automaker’s acting CEO. Whitacre has been criticized for avoiding the media ever since CEO Fritz Henderson”s resignation last week.

We decided to pick out some key point from the web chat. Unfortunately, Whitacre has yet to share exactly why Fritz Henderson resigned his position as CEO. However, Whitacre did let us know the importance of Bob Lutz at General Motors and that his everyday car is a Cadillac CTS-V.

Click through to check out some important questions that Whitacre was asked.

Todd Lassa – Motor Trend: Can you tell us what role Bob Lutz has within the company in the short term? Will he be retiring soon?

Ed Whitacre: Hi Todd…Bob is Vice Chairman…his role has changed a bit…he is senior advisor to me and top mgt. We look forward to learning a lot from him…you’ll have to ask him when he’s going to retire.

Robert Snell, Detroit News: Where do things stand with the search for a new chief financial officer and have you narrowed the list of candidates to a few finalists?

Ed Whitacre: It’s a good question…we’re close and have narrowed it down and have a real good candidate. Could have some news in two or three weeks..

Tom Krisher, AP: Fritz Henderson had only about 8 months as CEO before he left. How long do the newly appointed execs have to show results before they are replaced?

Ed Whitacre: Hi Tom…Not long. 🙂 (yes, he actually made a smiley face).

Justin Hyde, Det.FreePres: Mr. Whitacre — What happens to GM’s pay restrictions once it repays the loans to the federal government? Do the restrictions continue as long as the gov’t is a stakeholder?

Ed Whitacre: Hi Justin, To be honest, we don’t know yet.

Paul Eisenstein: also, like many of my colleagues, I wonder when you will address us in the media directly, even if by telephone conference. To be honest, a webchat is quite a bit different and doesn’t carry the veracity of seeing or at least hearing you directly.

Ed Whitacre: Dear Paul, I’ve been on the job for four days. I’ll do it as soon as I feel comfortable and have enough clear air and time. I promise we’ll talk soon.

Robert Ray, Fox Business: Mr. Whitacre, on a personal note, do you like cars?

Ed Whitacre: Hi Robert, Oh yes.

Josh Oliver, TheGMSource: On another personal note, what is your personal, everyday vehicle?

Ed Whitacre: Josh, I drive a CTS-V.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: GM FastLane Blog