EPA says greenhouse gases are pollutants and are driving climate change

Mercedes-Benz F-Cell

The EPA has formally declared Greenhouse gases to be pollutants, helping lay the groundwork for a new standard of 35.5 mpg for light vehicles. The EPA reports that these gases are what is primarily driving climate change.

Officials are gathering in Copenhagen, Denmark this week for the international climate summit where President Obama is expected to make an appearance, reports Automotive News.

California Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer is moving to garner Senate support for climate change legislation that she had introduced. A similar bill already passed the house.

The National Association of Manufacturers said that manufacturers competitiveness would be hurt by this finding, and is concerned that they are paving the way to regulating carbon emissions across the board.

An auto industry lobbying group mentioned that back in May, Obama had ended a seven-year debate over whether states or the federal government should regulate emissions when he proposed rules requiring light trucks and cars to attain 35.5 mpg emission standards by 2016.

– By: Stephen Calogera