Infiniti’s compact electric-car won’t forget about brand’s performance image

At the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show in October, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn revealed that Infiniti is working on a stylish, compact, high performance four-seat luxury Infiniti with zero emissions.” While Infiniti will be focused on the efficiency of the new compact electric car, the brand will not forget its performance image that managers have been carefully crafting for the past several years.

“You can really turn up the performance of those things,” Ben Poore, Infiniti Business Unit vice president told Automotive News. “The model will fit perfectly with the performance standards that we’ve set for the brand. It’s going to be a very cool vehicle.”

Poore did not give specifics as to what we can expect from the car in terms of output or performance but he said that the model “will be a unique new global model that will be sold in the United States.”

– By: Kap Shah