Ferrari working on a new kind of door to allow easier entry

Ferrari 458 Italia

You may think that Lamborghini vehicles and Mercedes-Benz’s SLS AMG Gullwing have some exotic styles for their doors. Well, Ferrari is said to be working on a new kind of door that is aimed at improving passenger and driver entry into its vehicles, reports AutoCar.

Ferrari New Door PatentThe publication has acquired some documents from Ferrari’s patent application for a door that shows a part of the front wing and hinges, so that when opened, the driver or passenger can directly place their foot behind the front wheel.

Apparently the move will allow occupants to get in and out of a low-slung Ferrari vehicle easier than before.

The patent application claims that the new door would be “easy and cost-effective to make” when compared to gullwing doors.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: AutoCar