Mulally: Ford Ka and new Ford Ranger not coming to U.S.

2009 Ford Ka

If you were one of the many compact car lovers that were excited when earlier reports of a Ford Ka for the U.S. started showing up – we’ve got some bad news for you this Monday morning. FoMoCo CEO Alan Mulally said that the Ford Ka minicar and the new Ford Ranger pickup will not come to the United States.

Mulally said that the Ka has been deemed to small for our American taste and the Fiesta is probably the smallest Ford will ever go on the stateside.

“Our view is that Fiesta is about the smallest vehicle that we think will be a real success in the United States,” Mulally told Automotive News.

2010 Ford Ranger

The global Ford Ranger is a new compact pickup that is different from the current Ranger sold here. Production of the U.S. Ford ranger is scheduled to end in 2011. Ford is currently looking at options for a replacement.

– By: Kap Shah