Porsche working on entry-level 4-banger model

2009 Porsche Boxster

Yesterday we heard about what Porsche has planned for the next four years. One thing AutoCar conveniently left out was that Porsche is getting ready to roll out a new entry-level sports car that will share components from the upcoming compact Audi R4 sports car.

Known internally as the ‘356’, the mid-engined sports car will not be a bargain model, despite what early rumors have been saying for some time now. If given the green light, the model would cost anywhere from £33,000 in today”s money.

The entry-level 356 will share the aluminum platform that’s currently being produced for the Audi R4 mid-engined sports car. The Audi R4 is due out sometime in 2011; however, the Porsche version of the model isn’t due out until 2012.

Insiders say that the production 356 will be powered by a forced-induction flat 4-cylinder engine that is currently under development at Stuttgart. We’re guessing a 6-clyinder option will also be made available.

Porsche hasn’t released any details on its upcoming flat-four engine, but Porsche sales and marketing boss Klaus Bening told AutoCar “that there is a clear trend towards downsizing, using smaller powerplants and supercharging. We will find our own conclusion to downsizing”.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: AutoCar