Toyota will make no money on the Lexus LFA

2011 Lexus LFA

Many are still a bit skeptical about the new $375,000 Lexus LFA (seeing as it is Lexus’ first supercar with such an expensive price tag). Well, if it makes you feel any better about cashing out $375,000 for a Lexus, Toyota won’t be making any money on the 500 units it plans on producing.

Basically, there is a very high cost of development and construction involved with the Lexus LFA and Toyota will likely make no profit, sources say. Everything on the LFA is brand new, besides just five parts that it shares with other Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

Insiders say that the main idea behind the LFA was to create a halo car for Lexus.

Production of the Lexus LFA will begin in December 2010.

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2011 Lexus LFA:

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– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoCar