BMW wants its production Project i electric-cars to be ‘premium vehicles’

BMW wants to position its upcoming family of electric-vehicles as ‘premium’ vehicles’ that will compete in the top tier of the growing EV segment. The family of electric-vehicles, known as Project i, will be made available with two, three and four wheels.

The recently revealed BMW Simple Concept isn’t a guide to how future Project i vehicles will look, according to Sebastian Schelper, the project’s manager.

“Simple is about the concept and engineering, not styling,” Schelpertold Autocar. However, lessons learned on the concept will be incorporated into production Project i vehicles.

While BMW wants its Project i cars to sit at the top of the electric-vehicle segment, BMW is still playing around with the idea of brand positioning.

“Whether Project i cars fit below Mini, between Mini and BMW or above BMW is one of the important things we”re still deciding,” said Marc Gerard, boss of BMW interiors.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: AutoCar