Portable navigation systems to get cheaper as sales flatline

Navigation System

According to a report by Gearlog navigation system sales numbers will decrease 1% this year and is expected to stay low through 2013. Market researcher iSuppli Corp. predict that the norm will 41 million to 44 million units moved for the next four years will be the norm.

This will likely translate into a decrease in manufacturing costs and eventually a lower price for the consumer. Gearlog predicts that we will see decent quality products in the $100 range and high-end products in the $250.

Expect to see manufacturers shift their focus to the next big thing says the article; smart phones and cell phones. TomTom has such a device in the works, and could possibly be in a position to grab 20% of the high-end smart phone segment.

Their device use a gigabyte of storage space to store both he application and the mapping data right on the right on the phone as opposed to just housing the application while the mapping is stored on a server, as with other companies like Networks in Motion.

This drop in the market could also translate to a drop in monthly rates for the services as well.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Gearlog (via KickingTires)