Nissan Micra replacement to come to the U.S. after 2010

Nissan officials announced today that a new global small car will be coming to the United States after 2010. The model will be positioned below its current entry-level product – the Nissan Versa. Officials said that the U.S. market will be a major part of a campaign to sell 1 million vehicles a year from a newly created low-cost “V-platform,” reports Automotive News.

The platform will spawn three other models including a sedan, a five-door hatchback and a multipurpose vehicle. It will replace the current subcompact Micra that is now sold around the world.

V-platform manage Vincent Cobee said that the Japanese automaker’s plan is to produce more A and B segment models to capture a growing share of worldwide vehicle sales. Cobee decline to say when the V-platform vehicle will make it to the United States or what it would be called.

He also declined to say which of the three model variants will be offered in the Unites States.

Nissan Global Compact Car Sketches:

Nissan Global Compact Car Sketches Nissan Global Compact Car Sketches

– By: Kap Shah