Top Gear’s STIG arrested in the Mojave desert

Jeremy Clarkson - The StigWriting over at TimesOnline, Jeremy Clarkson reports that the famous white-suited Top Gear driver, the Stig, was arrested while they were filming at the Mojave desert.

“Last week I wrote about my recent trip to America, and to be honest it didn”t go down well,” Clarkson said. “I don”t think I”ve ever been on the receiving end of such a blizzard of bile. One man called me an ‘imbosile’. Hundreds more suggested that it”d be better for everyone if I just stayed at home in future.”

“You know the Stig. The all-white racing driver we use on Top Gear. Well, we were filming him walking through the Mojave desert when lo and behold a lorry full of soldiers rocked up and arrested him. He was unusual. He wasn”t fat. He must therefore be a Muslim.”

No details on why The Stig was arrested. Separately, Top is reporting that the Stig was arrested in Dublin “by a FRIENDLY POLICEMAN following an ALLEGED INCIDENT of some kind.”

No idea who or what to believe here – but we thought we’d let you know.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: TimesOnline