Wall Street Journal reporter says GM CEO Fritz deserves Nobel Peace Prize

Fritz Henderson

Evan Newmark, of The Wall Street Journal, believes that GM CEO Fritz Henderson deserves the Nobel Peace Prize more than Barack Obama.

In his column ‘Meant Street’, Newmark wrote of Henderson that he “has to save GM, once America’s proudest company and now its national disgrace,” and he doesn’t have the four year grace period that the President has.

“He (Henderson) seems to ‘get it’ ““ ‘it’ being just how big a mess he has on his hands,” Newmark writes. “And he”s already done a lot in his inaugural six months. He pushed GM through a tricky bankruptcy, put the kibosh on Bob Lutz”s beloved G8 project, and got a new board of directors. At the 90 Day Update he claimed GM is operating close to plan.”

Newmark also cites the fact that Henderson is constrained by TARP and its hiring guidelines due to the bailout, and that Obama and Ford Motors have access to much more quality people than does Henderson.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Wall Street Journal (via AutoObserver)