Pininfarina Bollore electric-car on track for 2011

Pininfarina B0

Pininfarina’s CEO told Italian newspaper, Sunday’s Il Sole 24 Ore, that its electric-vehicle joint venture with French financier Vincent Bollore is still on track.

CEO Silvio Pietro Angori told the newspaper that the group has received more than 6,000 orders for the Bluecar, which will arrive on the market in 2011.

“The joint venture is to develop and produce the Bluecar, then each of us has their own strategy,” Angori said. “Bollore is probably interested in supplying his battery to the world and we to design electric cars also for other makers. After all the effort to make the Bluecar … maybe the exclusivity will no longer be indispensable.”

The Bollore EV will be based on the Pininfarina B0 –  a 4-seater, 4-door, automatic electric-hatchback that is powered by an electric-motor and lithium-polymer batteries produced by Bollore. The B0 will have the capacity to travel 153 miles on a full charge with a top speed of 80 mph.

Pininfarina B0:

– By: Kap Shah

Source: Reuters