Video: Two production Lexus LF-A units fuel-up outside Nurburgring

Lexus LF-A

We’re just days away from the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show and that means we’re just days away from seeing the new Lexus LF-A supercar. Toyota confirmed earlier this week that it will be showing the LF-A at the Tokyo Motor Show alongside the recently unveiled LF-Ch Concept, which was shown in Frankfurt last month.

A video has popped up on YouTube showing two Lexus LF-A units fueling-up and heading back to the Nurburgring. It’s a short 26 second clip but it’s worth a look.

Sources say that the sound you’re hearing is a 550-hp 4.8L V10. We’ll find out more details in Tokyo. Stay tuned.

Click through for the video.

– By: Kap Shah