Chevrolet plans to unveil RWD police car Monday, may be based on Pontiac G8

2009 Pontiac G8 GXP

Chevy plans to announce this Monday that it will be offering a new model for police use, likely to be based on the Pontiac G8. Chevy will outline their strategy to convention of police chiefs in Denver, Colorado, said the division in an e-mail today.

According to Automotive News, GM CEO Fritz Henderson told an Australian newspaper that the automaker is working on car for American cops, based of a Holden vehicle. “We’ve been working on a package for (U.S.) police applications. I think that’s going to work,” Henderson told The Sydney Morning Herald. “We’re pretty optimistic about it.”, reports Automotive News.

With GM set to drop Pontiac from its lineup, a spokesman from Chevrolet declined to acknowledge whether or not the G8 is the car in question.

GM also denied a story five months ago that they were considering rebadging the G8 as the Caprice and marketing it to police agencies. In July however, a GM source said the G8 would be rebadged and positioned as a pricier sedan above the Impala, but Vice Chairman Bob Lutz bloged a week later that the plan was dead.

“The G8 will not be a Caprice after all,” Lutz wrote. “Upon further review and careful study, we simply cannot make a business case for such a program. Not in today’s market, in this economy, and with fuel regulations what they are and will be.”

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Stay tuned to find out what happens.

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