Honda Skydeck Concept unveiled before 2009 Tokyo Motor Show

Honda Skydeck Concept

Next up in Honda’s HELLO! (Honda Electric mobility Loop) zone at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show is the Honda Skydeck Concept.

The concept hints at a future 6-seater hybrid MPV with Lamborghini style scissor doors. The Honda Skydeck Concept shows how the company’s IMA technology can be placed in a range of different vehicles, says Honda. The hybrid system in the Skydeck Concept is housed in the car’s center tunnel rather than behind the rear seats – allowing for more cabin space. The interior lay consists of three rows of two seats so we’re guessing the hybrid system runs through the middle of the car.

No word on when or if the Skydeck will ever reach production but we wouldn’t doubt it. Just don’t expect those doors or the interior to make it into production.

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Honda Skydeck Concept:

Honda Skydeck Concept Honda Skydeck Concept Honda Skydeck Concept Honda Skydeck Concept

– By: Omar Rana