Welcome to egmCarTech v3.0

egmCarTech v3.0

Here it is – after all the long nights and hard work – we are pleased to release egmCarTech v3.0. We’ll get into more details about the new version later on in the day after the news content tones down a bit – but for now you should definitely enjoy the following…

  • Brand new layout: 560-px width of content area, a lot cleaner and a lot more organized.
  • egmCarTech Videos: We’ve launched a new section dedicated to just car videos. It has it’s own theme, look and feel – and it’s fairly easy to navigate. On a side note, we’re still in process of adding all the videos so by tomorrow you’ll see a lot more content on the Videos section.
  • egmCarTech Reviews: Since we are now cool enough to get press cars to drive around for a week, we decided to ditch that Buzz Garage section (it was pretty useless – we know) for a Reviews section. Over here you’ll see all the latest reviews by the egmCarTech team along with our daily updates of vehicles that are currently in our press fleet. There is a lot more interactivity (hint: Twitter will be part of the game) coming to egmCarTech Reviews, so stay tuned.
  • Archives: Looking for an easier way to go back and read more content? Check out our new Archives page. It basically covers every possible way of reading old egmCarTech content.

So go ahead browse through and let us know what you do or don’t like about the new version. Of course, if you experience any bugs or issues e-mail me directly at omar.rana – at – egmcartech.com

– By: Omar Rana