U.S. should reconsider traffic circles

Traffic Circles

If you’re from the New Jersey area, you display the fact that you know how to navigate ‘circles’ down the shore, with pride. The concept of traffic circles, while not totally nonexistent, is somewhat of a rarely implemented one in America. Ironically enough though, while europe undoubtedly perfected the concept, it is one that is very American in its invention.

There is a movement in this country now, according to Detroit News, to re-introduce the concept as Ann-Arbor Michigan has begun to install these traffic contraptions in their less populated residential areas, and with a decent level of efficiency.

Roundabouts installed in those locations where where stop signs or traffic lights previously stood have been shown to reduce all crashes by 39%, and serious ones by 76%, according to a study by the Institute for Highway Safety.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Detroit News