U.S. has paid 98% of all Clunker claims, $61.6 million has not been paid

The U.S. Transportation Department said today that it has approved all “eligible and complete” Cash for Clunkers claims from dealers. Secretary Ray LaHood said that leaves only 2 percent of all applications for dealers to resubmit. LaHood said that department employees will help dealers correct and re-file improperly submitted claims, reports Automotive News.

A total of 98 percent of all applications, or 664,818 claims for $2.8 billion, have been paid or approved for payment as of this morning. Of these 649,984 claims for $2.7 billion have been paid.

That leaves 14,834 submissions for a total of $61.6 million in claims that have not been paid.

– By: Stephen Calogera