Report: BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo coming soon

According to a report by Channel4, BMW is planning a 3-series version of the new 5-Series Gran Turismo for 2011. The publication says that the 335i Gran Turismo will go on sale in 2011 and will be priced between the 3-Series and the 5-Series.

“Like the 5 Series GT, the 3 Series hatchback will have two-stage tailgate and rumors suggest that there’ll be a four-seat and five-seat version,” said Channel4.

BMW said there will be no M3 version of the 3-Series Gran Turismo – we’re relieved to say the least.

The BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo will go on sale next year.

2010 BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo:

– By: Kap Shah

Source: Channel4