Cash for Clunkers helped boost pickups and SUV sales, even Hummer sales


The Cash for Clunkers government incentive program was designed to replace gas-guzzling models with more fuel-efficient cars and while it did just that, it also helped boost sales of some pickups and SUVs. According to data released by the Department of Transportation, tens of thousands of trucks, minivans and SUVs were among the nearly 700,000 vehicles sold under Cash for Clunkers. Even some Hummers made the list, a vehicle that in no way screams fuel-economy.

For most passenger cars shoppers to receive a $4,500 cash rebate, their new purchase had to get 4 miles per gallon more than their trade-in clunker. For buyers of SUVs, pickups and minivans, the difference had to be 2 miles per gallon.

The Cash for Clunkers helped sell a total of 21,894 Ford Escape models and 20,106 Honda CR-V crossovers. It also helped sell 16,630 Chevrolet Silverado units and 16,263 Ford F-150 pickups.

A total of 15,013 Toyota Prius hybrids were sold through the program.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Detroit News