BREAKING: GM’s Small Premium Buick Concept hints at future compact Buick

Small Premium Buick Concept

Earlier last month GM launched a new site called “The Lab,” which features future projects by GM”s Advanced Design team. Today, the team has announced their latest creation called the Small Premium Buick Concept, a study that hints at a future small premium car for the Buick brand.

“We agreed that a small premium vehicle shouldn”t be viewed as a compromise in any way,” says Andrew Smith, Director of Advanced Design at GM’s tech center in Warren. “It isn”t a vehicle you buy when you can”t afford the larger size version. It should be unapologetic of size and just make you feel great.”

“One thing to overcome would be negative associations with small vehicles, both real and perceived,” said Smith “So while it should benefit from a smaller, efficient package, the owner should not have to give up anything. It should be a truly premium experience.”

Check out the two videos about the Small Premium Buck Concept after the jump along with the high-res image gallery.

Small Premium Buick Concept:

Small Premium Buick Concept Small Premium Buick Concept Small Premium Buick Concept

Buick Takes on Small Premium Vehicles:

An Introduction to GM’s Premium Small Cars:

– By: Omar Rana