Report: Fisker to announce $39,000 plug-in hybrid later this week, or next week

According to Ray Lane, Kleiner Perkins investor, and former President of Oracle, Fisker is preparing to announce plans to build a $39,000 plug-in hybrid vehicle later this week or next week. Lane let the new slip at the AlwaysOn Going Green conference in Sausalito, Calif. earlier this week.

Does that mean Fisker has received funding from the Department of Energy Loan? Nothing official yet but CEO Henrik Fisker said in March that Fisker plans to refurbish a factory in the U.S. to develop a low-cost plug-in hybrid car than its $87,900 Fisker Karma.

At the time, Fisker would not specify how much money the company needed or how much it requested, however, he said that if Fisker gets the DOE loan, “it will start the project this year.”

Fisker will begin delivering the 67.2 mpg Karma plug-in hybrid sedan later this year.

2010 Fisker Karma:

– By: Kap Shah

Source: earth2tech