Video: Mini’s Untamed Two teaser no.2 released, more awkward than teaser no.1

Mini Untamed - Same

About two days ago, we brought you a teaser for the Mini Coupe Concept and the upcoming Mini Roadster Concept, both of which will make their world debut at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show next week. If you though teaser no.1 was awkward and freakish, wait until you see teaser no.2 called ‘Same.’ The series will end with teaser no.3 – coming very soon.

So far Mini has taken the covers off the Mini Coupe Concept. We’ll see the Roadster Concept next week in Frankfurt. Stay tuned.

Click through for the video.

Mini Coupe Concept:

Mini Coupe Concept Mini Coupe Concept Mini Coupe Concept

Mini Untamed Two – Same:

Mini Coupe Concept:

– By: Stephen Calogera