Must Read: GM launches ‘May the Best Car Win’ campaign, previews new vehicles in TV spot

2011 Buick Enclave Clay Model in the May the Best Car Win Commercial
2011 Buick Enclave Clay Model in the May the Best Car Win Commercial

There is a huge change coming to General Motors Company, and we feel its one we can believe in – and no that’s not General Motors talking that’s us here at egmCarTech that have driven the new 2010 Chevrolet Equinox and spent a couple of minutes behind the new 2010 Cadillac SRX.

Leading the change is new Chairman Edward Whitacre, who has been in the spotlight quite a lot this week. Whitacre joined GM during its bankruptcy process and remained fairly quite until this month. It was reported earlier this month that Whitacre is being “frighteningly direct” with the top-level executives and is asking to see improvement in sales, market share and profitability. He said that if those changes don’t happen soon, there will be significant consequences.

Whitacre is also leading GM’s new advertising campaign along with Bob Lutz called “May the Best Car Win.” I first came across the campaign on an ad I clicked that took me to this website It was basically a website asking you which vehicle you think ranks at the top in terms of fuel-efficiency, safety, quality, performance and overall. The survey ends with saying that “on September 13th, one car company is putting it all on the table. The cars will speak for themselves. And the facts just might change some opinions.” Later on in the day I figured out that the site was a part of GM’s new ‘May the Best Car Win’ campaign (you can follow the campaign on Twitter here

GM May the Best Car Win - Chevrolet Spark and Cadillac ATS
Chevrolet Spark and the Cadillac ATS seen in the May the Best Car Win commercial

The campaign will kick off with a new TV spot featuring new Chairman Whitacre, walking through GM’s design studios (you can check it out after the jump). The 60 second ad shows off some feature upcoming GM products including the Cadillac Converj, a GMC Scion competitor, the next-generation Buick Enclave, the Cadillac ATS (hidden under the covers), the Chevrolet Spark and the Chevrolet Volt. Whitacre also speaks about GM’s new incentive where buyers of a new Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet or GMC will be able to return their vehicle within 60 days if they are not happy with it.

“Every ad is going to give the consumer a reason to consider our vehicles,” said Bob Lutz in article over at GM FastLane Blog. “We will be highlighting our quality, design, performance, road manners, fuel efficiency, 100,000-mile/5-year warranty, and our new 60-day satisfaction guarantee. We will directly compare our attributes to the competition and “may the best car win.”

“In short, we”re going to take away every last excuse not to consider a vehicle from Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick and GMC. We have confidence in our products, he said. “This campaign is designed to encourage the consumer to share in that confidence.”

Personally, we feel Bob Lutz should be in these commercials, but that’s just our opinion.

You can check out the 60-second ad spot after the jump along with two other viral spots. Make sure you drop by and cast your vote.

GM Ad w/ Ed Whitacre Offering 60 Day Guarantee: May the Best Car Win

May The Best Car Win

Which one will you choose?

– By: Omar Rana