Report: Chrysler to offer leasing on select vehicles

According sources familiar with the plans, Chrysler Group plans to return to consumer leasing just three months after coming out bankruptcy. The leases will start off with GMAC Financial Services and will be offered only on a select number of vehicles.

Some of the vehicles may include Dodge Journey crossover, Dodge Nitro, Dodge Ram and Chrysler Grand Caravan minivan; Jeep Liberty; and Chrysler Town & Country minivan, reports Automotive News.

Insiders say that Chrysler is holding of until Tuesday to make an announcement, when the Automotive Lease Guide issues its latest residual-value numbers.

Spokeswoman Kathy Graham declined to confirm any announcement. She said:¬†“We have said in the past that we would like to bring it back, and we’re actively investigating it.”

– By: Omar Rana