Miscellaneous Thoughts: Lexus IS gets fuzzy for U.S. Open, women drunken driving on the rise, Eli Manning’s Toyota ads

Lexus IS 350 - Tennis Ball Fuzz

Yes, we know that this our first Miscellaneous Thoughts post for the week and it’s already Wednesday. We were taking a bit easy on Monday during Labor Day and were recouping most of Tuesday. Either way, we’re all back here and are working our butts off to bring you the latest automotive news updates (and a lot of its pouring out with the Frankfurt Motor Show just days away). Either way, it’s that time of the day for us to gather up some random findings from around the Internet. So here we go…

Lexus IS 350 gets fuzzy or the U.S. Open: Lexus is known for creating sports-themed cars – and we mean literally. Earlier this year at the U.S. Open of golf, Lexus revealed golf-ball dimpled Lexus LS. During the U.S. Open for tennis going on these days, Lexus is displaying a Lexus IS with a fuzzy tennis-ball exterior. Imagine getting that car dirty. – KickingTires

Lexus IS 350 - Tennis Ball Fuzz Lexus IS 350 - Tennis Ball Fuzz Lexus IS 350 - Tennis Ball Fuzz

Women drunken driving arrests on the rise: According to a report by the NHTSA, the number of women arrested for driving drunk has increased nearly 30% from 1998 to 2007. At the same time, the number of men arrested during the same 10-year period fell by 7.5%. – KickingTires

40 Year Old Virgin

Eli Manning’s Toyota Commercials: If you’ve been keeping up with watching Football you’ve probably seen Eli Manning’s Toyota Commercials. If not – you can check them out after the jump. – KickingTires

Eli Manning - Toyota Chest Bump

Eli Manning Toyota Commercial – Photograph:

Eli Manning Toyota Commercial – Wife Calling:

Eli Manning Toyota Commercial – Day Dream:

Eli Manning Toyota Commercial – That was Eli:

Eli Manning Toyota Commercial – Chest Bump:

Eli Manning Toyota Commercial – Paper Football:

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