Videos: Fritz is too busy, Bob Lutz answers questions from “Tell Fritz” website

Bob Lutz - Tell Fritz

It seems like General Motors CEO can’t keep up with all the questions pouring in from his “Tell Fritz” website, so our main man Maximum Bob Lutz decided to step in. Bob Lutz answers questions about what we can expect from GM advertising, how the automaker plans to attract the younger audience to Buick, why GM is keeping GMC around and whether or not Pontiac is really dead forever.

So, without any further ado, here is Bob Lutz…

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What cane we expect from GM marketing, advertising and communications going forward?

The new Buick LaCrosse looks great, but how are you going to convince younger audience to give the car – and the brand – a chance?

Chevy and GMC seem to have an awful lot of product overlap, so why keep GMC around?

Is Pontiac really dead…forever? Any chance of Pontiac coming back?

– By: Omar Rana