Mazda has no plans for electric-vehicles until battery technology improves

2010 Mazda3

While Honda, Nissan and Toyota all seem to be focusing aggressively on electric-vehicle development, Mazda is saying not to zero-emissions or range-extended vehicles.

Speaking to Wards Auto at a media event in Monterey, California, Senior Vice President of Research and Development Robert Davis said that Mazda will stay away from EVs until battery technology improves.

“Until battery technology can get there to meet a mass customer’s needs, and a customer in North America certainly drives further than the existing technology will allow, we don’t have the plans set in place yet for an electric vehicle,” said Davis.

Davis said that the “technology does not meet Mazda’s fun to drive criteria and the high cost of electric powertrain development makes such a project financially unattractive.”

He said that rather working on EV development, Mazda plans to focus on other fuel-saving methods to meet tighter CAFE regulations.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Wards Auto (via AllCarsElectric)