Toyota hybrid sales top 2 million, 1.49 million Prius hybrids sold

Toyota announced today that cumulative sales of its hybrid vehicles topped the 2 million-unit mark last month as it aims to sell 1 million gasoline-hybrid vehicles per year. As of August 9, Toyota sold 2.017 million hybrids worldwide since their debut in 1997, reports Automotive News.

The Japanese automaker said that more than half of those sales came from the North American market, with a total of 1.15 million units sold. Japan on the other hand brought in a total of 615,800 units sold.

Of course, the Toyota Prius was the champion of the company’s hybrid lineup with a total of 1.49 million sold since it was introduced in 1997. It is indeedĀ the world’s best-selling hybrid.

Along with Lexus hybrids, Toyota today sellsĀ 13 hybrid vehicle models in about 50 countries.

2010 Toyota Prius:

– By: Kap Shah