GM’s new Chairman is blunt and ‘frighteningly direct,’ wants to see improvements

Whitacre, Edward E.

We were actually just wondering what Ed Whitacre Jr. is up to after taking his new position as chairman of General Motors Company. According to a report by Detroit Free Press’ Tom Walsh, Whitacre is basically scaring the heck out of every top-level GM executive – including Fritz Henderson.

Executives said that Whitacre called a meeting on Wednesday with a mix of management from all levels and said that he expects to see a lot of changes in the next 12 weeks – changes every day. He said that if progress and changes don’t come rapidly, there will be significant consequences.

A GM executive told Walsh that he found Whitacre’s remarks “stunning.” The new chairman told Bloomberg News that while Henderson was the right leader for GM “at this point in time,” he had not set a deadline for judging his performance.

Another executive described  Whitacre as “frighteningly direct” in conversation. He said that Whitacre made it clear that every top executive’s job was on the line. The executive told Walsh that if progress in sales, market share and profitability don’t come soon, heads could roll in the next two or three months.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Detroit Free Press