Miscellaneous Thoughts: Traders buying old GM stock, UK’s graphic anti-texting video, Legoland pays tribute to Top Gear

As you can see by the title, we came across a bunch of random things on the Internet today – so let’s get started.

Traders keep buying old GM stock: Even though GM and the government have warned that the old General Motors’ stock will someday be worthless, traders continue to purchase it hoping they”ll profit from what is really a hodgepodge of outdated factories and a pile of debt left behind when the company exited bankruptcy court protection. –  Detroit Free Press

UK’s graphic anti-texting while driving campaign: WARNING: This video is really (and we mean really) graphic and should hopefully get you to stop texting while driving.

Top Gear gets immortalized in Legos: Legoland designers have created a little tribute to Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May, The Stig and Top Gear’s Car of the Year. – Telegraph

Top Gear - Legoland

– By: Kap Shah