More details on the Alfa Romeo 8C GTA

Alfa is working on a GTA variant of its much successful 8C Competizione supercar. The model is expected to make its debut next year at the company’s centenary celebration next year.

What can you expect from the 8C GTA? According to AutoExpress, the 8C GTA will see a weight reduction of 150kg (337 lbs) thanks to the use of carbon fiber body panels. Design cues such as a hood vents and an ice-white front bumper should definitely set the 8C GTA apart from its standard sibling.

Power will come from the same 4.7L V8, which will be upgraded to produce a total of 500-hp. 0 to 60 mph will come in less than 4 seconds with a top speed close to 200 mph.

While Alfa Romeo produced 500 units of the 8C Coupe and the 8C Spider, the 8C GTA will see a limited production run of just 100 units.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: AutoExpress