Miscellaneous Thoughts: Ferrari sacrificed to save boys life, Ken Block and Travis Pastrana at the Salt Flats, Horse plows through car

Ferrari F430 in Lake

Ferrari 430 sacrificed to save boys life: A Ferrari F430 was sacrificed in Dallas last month as the owner swerved to avoid hitting a boy riding a bicycle. The Ferrari ended up in Lake Oakdale. Ouch – WreckedExotics

Ken Block and Travis Pastrana have fun at the Salt Flats: We don’t think it’ll much longer before you pick up a dictionary to look up the definition of “drifting” and see a picture of Ken Block there. Check out this latest video of Block and his buddy Travis Pastrana hitting up the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Enjoy. – YouTube (via AutoBlog)

Horse plows through tiny sedan: Yes, our jaw is still dropped. Follow the jump to see the video.

– By: Omar Rana