Zero DS electric-bike zero-emissions and top speed of 55 mph

Zero DS

Zero Motorcycles, a Santa Cruz, California based company, has introduced their new Zero DS, a full-electric dual-sport motorcycle with zero emissions. Zero Motorcycles says that their new model is built on an aggressive suspension, rugged wheels and dual sport tires allowing you to ride over any surface.

The company says that “each component on the motorcycle is engineered to minimize weight and the power pack is designed for maximum energy density.” That results in a quicker motorcycle with greater range agility.

While that may sound pretty fun and all, the Zero DS is powered by the company’s Z-Force drivetrain, which allows for a total of 50 miles of riding on a full charge and a top speed of only 55 mph.

The Zero DS is available for purchase exclusively through the Zero Motorcycles’ website with prices starting at $9,950. For more information on the Zero DS visit:

Zero Motorcycle – Zero DS:

Zero Motorcycle - Zero DS Zero Motorcycle - Zero DS Zero Motorcycle - Zero DS

– By: Kap Shah

Source: Zero Motorcycle (via AutoblogGreen)