BMW all-electric model coming in 2015, could be badged ‘Triumph’

BMW is moving forward with testing 500 electric Mini E Coopers around the world. According to a report by AutoCar, the prototypes are paving the way for an all-electric Triumph or Wolseley. BMW bought the rights to the Triumph and Wolseley name when it bought Rover in 1994 in hopes to revive them as niche brands.

All the information collected from the Mini E Coopers will be used to develop BMW’s next generation of electric vehicles and its ongoing “˜Project i’ program.

A Mini spokesman told AutoCar that an all-electric vehicle will be available for sale in 2015 and said that it may not be called a Mini.

“It is going to be a competitor to the G-Wiz; it will be a premium model. It won’t necessarily be a BMW or a Mini, it could be another brand like Isetta, Wolseley or Triumph,” said the spokesman.

2009 MINI E:

– By: Kap Shah