Chrysler sees dealership traffic increase as a result of Cash for Clunkers incentive

The new Cash for Clunkers program is bringing in some heavy traffic into Chrysler Group LLC dealerships, reports Automotive News. Chrysler had a jump start on the CARS program by offering its own incentive to match the government’s rebate last week.

Chrysler’s “Double CA$H For Your Old Car” incentive program gives those with an eligible trade-in under the CARS program up to $9,000 to purchase a new Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge.

Chrysler spokeswoman Kath Graham said that of the customers who visited Chrysler’s 2,400 U.S. dealerships over the past weekend, 70 percent were drawn by the guzzlers program. Of the 70 percent, 30 percent brought trade-ins that actually qualified, she said.

Graham refused to say exactly how many vehicles Chrysler sold nationally over the weekend.

– By: Omar Rana