Toyota’s iQ based electric-car will get its own body style

Toyota FT-EV Concept

When Toyota unveiled the FT-EV Concept at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, it confirmed that it will launch a full battery-electric vehicle by 2012. According to a report by AutoCar, Toyota’s iQ-based electric car is now scheduled to be launched as early as next year. However, instead of looking like the iQ, the model will get its own body style and will be a stand-alone model as Toyota’s first all-electric car.

Known as the BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) by Toyota engineers, the car will “get its own bodywork”, according to the iQ’s chief engineer, Hiroki Nakajima. “We wanted to position the iQ as premium – but not so the BEV.”

The iQ-based electric-car will be the first mass-production Toyota model to use lithium-ion batteries. Charging time will be around eight hours, which should allow for a driving range of 93 miles.

As for the iQ, Nakajima says that the current model is due for an upgraded interior “A lot of buyers think it is much too plasticky,” he said.

Toyota FT-EV Concept:

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoCar