Toyota to launch two fully-owned marketing companies

Toyota Motor Corp is planning two fully owned subsidiary that will handle the Japanese automaker’s marketing and advertising at home and abroad. The move will help Toyota tailor its marketing to its vehicles to local markets.

The companies, that are yet to be named, will kick-off operations in January 2010.

“The new companies are being created by TMC as two separate entities so that tasks can become more specialized and functions enhanced, and so that genchi genbutsu marketing activities can be advanced, with a focus on customer-centered activities,” Toyota said in a statement.

“In addition, the aim is to carry out marketing activities that also bear in mind ways to contribute to TMC’s product development and sales innovation by promptly and accurately gauging the needs of customers and then providing prompt feedback to TMC.”

Both companies will be headed by Toyota President Akio Toyoda and Hiroshi Takada, a recent Toyota retiree.

– By: Omar Rana