Nissan demonstrates new iPhone app for electric-cars with impressive features

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Need to check the battery level of your electric-vehicle? There’s an app for that. Need to see how hot is inside your vehicle so you can turn on the AC before you get inside? Well, there’s an app for that too – thanks to Nissan. Along with its new electric-vehicle platform announced yesterday, Nissan demonstrated a new iPhone app at its facility in Yokosuka, Japan that links to its electric-car’s IT system to check the charge status of the on-board lithium-ion battery.

Using the app, owners will be able to dial into their electric car and monitor the charging of their cars. The app could prove useful when electric-cars are parked at public charging stations and owners want to check in and see what the status of their battery-level is before getting back to driving.

Along with monitoring battery levels, owners will be able to see other detailed information such as the remaining time required for the full charge and the approximate cost they will have to pay at a charging station.

Other features include checking the interior temperature of the car and allowing users to turn on the air conditioning system to cool the inside before they get in.

Nissan’s new electric-car is scheduled to debut on August 2nd.

Nissan EV Versa Prototype (EV-11):

– By: Kap Shah

Source: PCWorld (via AllCarsElectric)